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caregiver and elderly woman smilingOld age is not just the time wherein the different abilities start to deteriorate. It is also the time wherein the body becomes more prone to diseases and illnesses. With this, every aspect of the well-being is at risk as a person reaches his/her golden years. Even the mental aspect is not exempted. This is why seniors are at a higher risk for cognitive diseases/illnesses.

One of the most common mental disorders among seniors is dementia, especially Alzheimer’s. With this, not just the mental aspect is impaired, but it’s like a domino effect which affects the rest of a person’s well-being. At Lyxx Care, we understand the struggle that family caregivers who care for a loved one with dementia go through. We aim to extend our assistance to them through our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care services. Through this, we want to provide patients with the understanding and care that they deserve.

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